Sitting Tennant

Today’s Sitting Tennant and the opening of the gallery

Friday Night Project againCan you hear the theme tune to The Deer Hunter playing? No? Oh well, imagine you can.

Anyway, today marks another entry in Sitting Tennant, our new regular feature which features pictures of David Tennant sitting.

Can you tell what it is yet?

Anyway (again), it occurs to me that pictures of David Tennant in a non-vertical position are going to be a smallish subset of all the pictures of David Tennant, making them slightly harder to find. And since this is a blog and we all live in the wonderful world of Web 2.0, it might be an idea to have a Sitting Tennant gallery, an idea stolen wholesale from Take Hart, purely to increase the number of pictures of David Tennant sitting that are available.

So if you see a picture of David Tennant, let me know and I’ll feature the best ones in the Sitting Tennant gallery. You’ll have to keep imagining the theme to The Deer Hunter though. That’ll cost big bucks to have playing directly.