CSI: Miami’s getting stupider

Monday’s anti-video game episode of CSI: Miami was even stupider than usual. There was actually some character development in it, so it wasn’t irredeemably bad, but you could tell just about everyone involved thought it had been licking the lead paint off soldiers most of their life. Slate gives a longer review, if you want it.

The F-Word theme tune and others

Since a load of people seem to come to my blog to find out the theme tunes to popular TV programs and adverts, I thought I’d post an entry with the most common ones:

  • The F-Word (Gordon Ramsay’s food show): The F-Word by Babybird
    iTunes: The F-Word
  • The Orange ad with the couple dancing: 1/1 from Ambient 1: Music for Airports by Brian Eno
    iTunes: 1/1; Amazon.co.uk: Ambient 1: Music for Airports
  • T-Mobile: Ooh la la from Supernature by Goldfrapp
    iTunes: Ooh la la; Amazon.co.uk: Supernature
  • House, MD: in the UK, no one special; in the US, an instrumental version of Teardrop, from Mezzanine by Massive Attack
    iTunes: Teardrop; Amazon.co.uk: Mezzanine

Hope that’s helpful!

Review: OFI Sunday – Chris Evans’ idea is back

Wow. Chris Evans has resurrected his idea again. How many times are TV commissioners going to give him money for it? He used it with TFI Friday on Channel 4. Then there was that thing on Five with Chris Moyles and Christian O’Connell. Now it’s back again as OFI Sunday on ITV1 – yes, he’s even recycling letters now.

I watched half an hour of it. That was 15 minutes more than I wanted to, but Sarah wanted to give it a chance. It was truly awful. It was TFI, but stupider, less funny and without any redeemable qualities that I could see. Future episodes will at least be redeemed by not containing cringingly painful interviews with Billie Piper, but that’s probably going to be the only thing in their favour.

OFI Sunday should cement ITV’s reputation as the originator of awful television, anyway, but I can’t see it lasting more than a few weeks, given ITV’s typical ruthlessness with failing shows.

Don’t watch it, whatever you do.

A remake of The Prisoner? Surely not…

The Media Guardian is reporting that Granada (aka ITV aka land of rubbish TV) is to remake The Prisoner. Given the current array of talent working for British TV, and in particular Granada, why do I know already that it’s going to be appalling, shallow, insipid and have nothing to say for itself other than “we really need some ratings”. I’m curious to know where they’re going to shoot it, now Portmeirion has been crossed off the location list. Somewhere around Manchester perhaps, Granada?