What have you been watching? Including WandaVision

It’s “What have you been watching?”, your chance to recommend to fellow TMINE readers anything you’ve been watching this week

This week, I’ve been watching almost nothing. No new films, no new TV, just lots of stuff I’ve watched many times before and written about many times before, so there’s really no point talking about again. Sigh. Lockdown. Grrr.

Naturally, the highlight of the week was the only thing I watched: the latest episode of WandaVision. That really started pushing the show in some very interesting directions, both emotionally and in terms of character development, as well as the metaness of it all.

But the main thing about this pretty mindblowing double-length episode was its final scene. It’s a bit hard to describe just how genuinely mindblowing that was at many, many levels without spoilers so… (spoiler alert) they ‘recast’ Wanda’s brother who is dead in the MCU with the actor who played the same character in the X-Men universe, probably indicating that there is a multiverse and that characters from other non-MCU movies may soon be appearing in the MCU. And if you don’t know what I’m talking about, here it is on YouTube.

Now, if you’ve seen Spider-Man: Far From Home, you may have guessed something like this was coming. But to finally see it after all this time is just amazing because it speaks as much about international movie business politics as it does about the MCU. Or should that be MCM?

New out this week is the US remake of Edward Woodward 80s classic The Equalizer, as well as the return of Harrow (Australia: ABC; UK: Alibi), although the latter is a bit coloured by certain real-life issues. How much of those I’ll watch, I have no idea. Thanks, Lockdown.

But what have you been watching?