And the winners of the Der Pass (Pagan Peak) competition are…

Der Pass

For the past week, TMINE has been running a competition to win one of two boxsets of Der Pass (Pagan Peak) on DVD.

All you had to do to enter was ‘Like’ the TMINE Facebook page and leave a comment on either the competition entry post or the matching Facebook post.

Entry closed last night and the following people all managed to follow those instructions:

Look how GDPR-protected their names are (George did his own GDPR protection).

Now, using the mighty power of the Internet Random Number Generator, I’ve picked two of these seven wise people at random from the entries to receive the DVDs. And they are…

Yes, it’s Dave B and Rachel K! I’ll be dropping them a line in a mo, to let them know they’re the lucky winners.

Commiserations to everyone else – quite a popular one this time. But I’m sure there’ll be more opportunities to win lovely (probably German) tele from TMINE soon, so keep your eyes peeled and your RSS reader loaded.