Happy 14th birthday to The Medium is Not Enough!

A birthday cake

Crikey, as I always say, shortly after posting an image that was considered high resolution in 2005. How did that happen? Time has flown again, since The Medium Is Not Enough emerged blinking into the world a stupefying 14 years ago, primed to make sarcastic comments about UK and foreign TV, mainly from the US, mainly in languages I can speak, with reviews of Prison Break, Supernatural, and Global Frequency.

Wonder Woman 1984
Bye bye, Diana

This year in review

This year, we’ve had to wave goodbye to Weekly Wonder Woman, on the general grounds that DC doesn’t really seem to like her any more and the comics are all rubbish now. Sigh.

However, we’ve also welcomed Orange Wednesdays/Thursdays for movie reviews – no trademark infringement lawsuits yet, thankfully – and added in coverage of Royal Television Society events. TMINE’s also got itself an Italian TV category, seeing as some of it’s actually quite watchable now.

Thank you!

As always, a great big thank you to all the regular TMINE commenters: Mark Carroll, JustStark, bob, Craig Grannell, idleworm, Adam Bowie and MasterWitcher088. Bless your hearts!

Thank yous as well to the commenters on the TMINE Facebook page, particularly Rob Kerr, Lee Carter, Craig Grannell, Mark Clapham, Dave Beattie, George Parkes, Jane Parkes, Jason DC Williams, Toby O’Brien and Paul Tricker.

But thank yous to anyone who’s left even one comment this year, either here or on Facebook – it’s been great to hear from you!

Same time next year everyone? I say that every year, don’t I? Anyway, there’ll be cake, albeit the same photo of a cake as last year, so bring your friends.