Pilot Light TV is holding an Eerie Indiana retrospective on Sunday

Eerie Indiana

I’m still not 100% sure exactly how the Pilot Light TV festival works. Apparently, it’s on season 4 now, but although that’s scheduled for next year, we’ve already got some events linked up for the very near future. Postponed from August but now to be held on Sunday 14 October at 5:30pm at Gorilla in Manchester is a retrospective of Eerie Indiana featuring a Skype call with cast member Justin Shenkarow.

Created by Oscar nominated writer Jose Rivera & Mark Shaefer and directed by Joe Dante (Gremlins); Eerie Indiana follows Marshall Teller, a teenager from New Jersey who has just moved to the town of the same name as he investigates the weirdness lurking under the facade of a totally normal suburban town. Regularly billed as the ‘Twin Peaks of Family TV’, Eerie Indiana was filled with Twilight Zone-esque mysteries that it’s protagonists investigate week by week, essentially being a version of the X-Files, before Mulder & Scully were even thought of, according to Den of Geek.

Join us at Gorilla for a very special selection of episodes from the first series, plus two exclusive live Skype Q&As with the show’s Oscar nominated creator Jose Rivera, and actor Justin Shenkarow.

You can book tickets for the princely sum of £13.20. Enjoy!