Chessgame is coming soon


I’d never heard of this until about a year ago, but Terence Stamp in a six-part spy series based on the novels by Anthony Price? Sign me up! I’ve had it on pre-order ever since and now Network seems about ready to release it at last.

Adapted by television heavyweights Murray Smith (Strangers, Bulman) and John Brason (Colditz, Secret Army), Chessgame stars Stamp as David Audley, a university professor who covertly heads a small team of counter-intelligence agents for the British government. This stylish, intelligent and much-sought-after release features adaptations of three of Price’s novels: The Labyrinth Makers, The Alamut Ambush and Colonel Butler’s Wolf.

The wreckage of a plane that crashed 27 years ago is discovered and the Russians take an interest in its missing cargo. This makes it a priority operation for David Audley and his team – though it seems that the Soviets are willing to kill to keep their secret safe…