ITV Encore to close; Gad Elmaleh Netflix series; ABC show extensions; + more

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Internet TV

  • Netflix green lights: comedy series based on Gad Elmaleh’s life Huge In France, starring Gad Elmaleh

German TV


  • ITV Encore to close, become digital boxsets service


US TV show casting

New US TV shows

  • NBC developing: adaptation of Telefe (Argentina)’s ADDA/Amar después de mara as Love After Love

New US TV show casting

  • JustStark

    ITV Encore to close, become digital boxsets service

    They’re still going to show The Americans, right? Right?

    • My initial thought was that they probably only have broadcast rights and that Amazon had the streaming rights. But if The Americans is available on ITV Hub then since ITV Encore is basically just going to the ITV Hub’s boxsets service, then I imagine it still will.

      • JustStark

        Presumably they’ve already paid for the final series (I can’t imagine it wouldn’t have been part of the deal when the final two were commissioned) so they’ll want to find some way to get their money’s worth with it.

        Possibly, they’ll just move it to another channel in the ITV family. If they put it on ITV 3 it’s not like anybody other than dedicated fans will even notice.

        That’s my hope, anyway.

        I’m intending to get it on disk once it’s complete, anyway. Yes, I think it’s so good I’m actually willing to let it take up space. So if all else fails it just means a bit of a wait. And if there’s one thing you need to watch and truly appreciate The Americans, it’s patience.

        • Historically, ITV’s picked up rights to the show two seasons at a time, so since it picked up season 5, I think it’s a safe bet to assume they went for season 6 as well. But I’ve not found anything in the ITV Press Centre or the usual places explicitly saying that.

  • Mark Carroll

    Huh, Gina Torres “Suits” spinoff … I wonder if it might escape some of the tedious silliness and actually include anything interesting.

    • They might do some legal work for a change

      • JustStark

        Legal work? I thought it was about bespoke men’s tailoring.

        • It’s understandable you might think that

          • JustStark

            Yeah, but no; I was clearly thinking of Briefs.

      • Mark Carroll

        Heh, reminds me, I think I liked early Ally McBeal but stopped liking it in later seasons — but I forget so much of it that I don’t know if I’d still think the same and to what extent legal work even relates to that.