When’s that show you mentioned starting, TMINE? Including Ghosted, Marvel’s The Punisher, Jean-Claude Van Johnson, Fresh Off The Boat and La Mante (The Mantis)

Fresh Off The Boat

Every Friday, TMINE lets you know the latest announcements about when new imported TV shows will finally be arriving on UK screens – assuming anyone’s bought anything, of course

Quite a few acquisitions this week, but only one for which we don’t have an exact airdate: Kanal 5 (Denmark)’s Gidseltagningen (Below The Surface), which will air some time next year on BBC4.

Oddly, we already had a premiere date for Netflix’s Godless (November 22), but we didn’t have a trailer until now, so let’s fill in that gap right now:

Premiere dates

Ghosted (US: Fox; UK: ITV2)
Premiere date: Monday October 30, 9:30pm

Tedious X-Files spoof that starts off tepid and ends up unwatchable by the second episode.

Episode reviews: 1, 2

Fresh off the Boat (US: ABC; UK: ITV2)
Premiere date: Wednesday November 1, 8pm

Initially pleasing 90s period comedy about Asian-Americans who move to Orlando that goes off the boil quite quickly.

Episode reviews: 1-2, 3

Marvel’s The Punisher (Netflix)
Premiere date: Friday, November 17

No matter how shite you thought season 2 of Netflix’s Marvel’s Daredevil was (and it was pretty shite), one thing we can all agree on was that Jon Bernthal was awesome as ex-Marine Frank Castle (aka criminal-murdering vigilante The Punisher). Unsurprisingly, he’s getting his own superhero-free, gritty spin-off series that will feature at least one or two other Marvel characters and a lot of explosions. Fingers crossed it’ll be as good as Daredevil season 1, not season 2. Looks like it might be more interested in Heavy Metal, though.

Jean-Claude Van Johnson (Amazon)
Premiere date: Friday, December 15

Jean-Claude Van Damme plays ‘Jean-Claude Van Damme’, a former film superstar who also used to be a secret agent codenamed Johnson. Now he’s tired of Hollywood and wants to get back into the great game.

The pilot was an odd attempt to satirise and critique Mr Van Damme’s career while simultaneously creating something that’s a recreation of some of his (and other 80s action stars’) lesser efforts (eg Commando). Sometimes it works and is quite funny, sometimes it doesn’t – but in roughly equal measures.

There are a few new scenes from the rest of the series in the trailer that suggest it’s going to be more or less the same as the pilot, so expect a few laughs at least.

Episode reviews: 1

La Mante (The Mantis) (France: TF1; UK: Netflix)
Premiere date: Friday, December 29

Famous serial killer ‘The Mantis’ (Carole Bouquet) who terrorised France more than 25 years ago is forced by the police to come out of solitary confinement to help hunt down a copycat. She agrees, but on one condition: if her cop son works with her.

Sounds dreadful and it’s TF1 so probably is (a theory backed up by the trailer), but you never know.