The British are coming to steal all your jobs! AKA the international nature of US TV in a single shot

The Good Doctor is an insultingly bad TV show. I thought the first episode was reasonably terrible and I had to give up during the second episode when it rapidly became “let’s laugh at the autistic guy not understanding social situations, even though he’s in his 20s”.

But I did get as far as this scene, which I think sums up the current state of US TV.

The Good Doctor Casting

Firstly, we’re not watching an original US show, we’re watching an adaptation of KBS2 (South Korea)’s 굿 닥터 (Good Doctor):

Good Doctor (Korean)

Secondly, let’s run through that cast. From left to right, we have Freddie Highmore. He’s English and starred in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. He puts on an American accent.

Next we have Antonia Thomas. She’s English and starred in Misfits. She puts on an American accent.

Then we have Chuku Modu. He’s English and starred in Game of Thrones. For a change, he uses an English accent.

Finally, we have Nicholas Gonzalez. He’s… wow. American.

So we have a US TV show based on a South Korean TV show in which of four characters:

  1. Only three characters are American
  2. Only one of the actors playing them is American
  3. Three of the actors are British
  4. One of the characters is British.

And it’s just had a full season order, so that’s not something that upsets Americans, it seems.

Ladies and gentlemen, the current state of US network TV in a scene.