TV Cream is 20 years old tomorrow

TV Cream's anniversary cassette

For those of you who don’t know, TV Cream is one of those annoying things in life (eg, Mark Kermode) that makes me wonder if I should continue doing something (eg, reviewing movies) since they do it so much better than I do. Celebrating its 20th birthday tomorrow, it’s pretty much the most comprehensive guide to Classic (rather than necessarily classic) TV, movies, books, music et al from back when we were all youngsters.

While I used to contribute to sister site Off The Telly back in the day, my sole real contribution to TV Cream was to ensure its guide to The Aphrodite Inheritance was accurate (my guide is still the toppest on the internet, mind). Perhaps because my input was so small, my few brushes with wider fame on Radio 5 and the like have led to nothing, while some of TV Cream’s more important contributors have actually been successful in life. Or maybe there’s some other reason.

Seen a TV clips show? Then you’ll almost certainly have seen TV Cream’s Steve Berry making some cogent comments on it. Enjoyed Adventures with the Wife in Space? That’ll be TV Cream’s Neil and Sue Perryman*. However, that’s far from the site’s full staff roster, so don’t go thinking that’s all there is to it.

Anyway, to celebrate their birthday, tomorrow the site will be unveiling an hour-long ‘anniversary cassette’ that shows what a talented bunch of people they all are, as well as just how many contributions Steve Berry has made to TV clips shows. There’s a couple of trailers below and if you come back here tomorrow, you’ll be able to see the full mix tape in action. I’ve seen it – I wish I was that talented.

* TV Cream tells me that Neil and Sue are best regarded as ‘friends of TV Cream’ rather than contributors


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