What TV’s on at the BFI in March 2017? Including Reporting History: Kate Adie in Conversation

March looks like it’s going to be a quiet month at the BFI for TV lovers. In fact, there’s precisely one event happening and that’s a chat with Kate Adie about her career. Still, Kate Adie’s cool so that’s pretty good.

Monday 6 March
18:15 NFT1
Reporting History: Kate Adie in Conversation 
TRT 90min

Kate Adie is one of the UK’s most trusted and respected journalists. Her incisive and informative reporting from the front line has bought contemporary history into the living rooms of millions of viewers and provided us all with a global perspective on major events. As the BBC’s Chief News Correspondent her assignments have included: the final NATO intervention in Kosovo; the Herald of Free Enterprise disaster; the massacre at Dunblane; the SAS lifting of the Iran Embassy Siege in London; and the Tiananmen Square protest in Beijing in 1989. Join Adie as she discusses her amazing career alongside fascinating clips, followed by a chance for you to ask your own questions. 
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