News: renewals, pick-ups and cancellations in the US, UK and Canada; Supergirl moves network; BBC White Paper published; + more

Internet TV

Canadian TV



US TV show casting

New US TV shows

  • Teaser trailers for ABC’s new shows
  • ABC green lights: series of sexy media law drama Notorious and imaginary friend comedy Imaginary Mary… 
  • …HG Wells/Jack The Ripper time travel drama Time After Time
  • …talking dog comedy Downward Dog and self-explanatory The Second Fattest Housewife in Westport
  • …wrongful conviction legal drama Conviction
  • …and Romeo and Juliet sequel Still Star-Crossed
  • amber lights: The Jury and Pearl
  • …and red lights: Marvel’s Most Wanted, The Death of Eva Sofia Valdez, Chunk & Bean and Dream Team
  • CBS green lights: series of Kevin James retired cop comedy Kevin Can Wait
  • The CW green lights: series of Archie comics adaptation Riverdale, Frequency movie adaptation and free spirit bucket list dramedy No Tomorrow
  • …and amber lights: Kevin Williamson paranormal drama
  • ITV Studios developing: adaptgation of Alan Glynn’s psychological thriller Paradime
  • NBC green lights: ensemble birthday drama This Is Us and Chicago franchise addition Chicago Justice

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  • Not enough people agreed with you, apparently…

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