News: C4 Philip K Dick series; Lethal Weapon and Exorcist TV series; BBC4 acquires Disparue; + more

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New US TV shows

  • Fox green lights: series of The Exorcist, Lethal Weapon, APB, Pitch, Making History and The Mick
  • TruTV green lights: pilots of neurotic life comedy I’m Sorry and daily injustices comedy Small Victories

New US TV show casting

  • Andy Butcher

    This Electric Dreams has me all excited… Much of Dick's best work is in his short stories, and with Moore and Cranston on board, this sounds very promising.

  • JustStark

    On the other hand most of his best ideas are not just non-visual but anti-visual… how could you possibly do the disintegrating booth from Time out of Joint on screen? It works precisely because it is at once a supremely visual image, but also one that it is impossible to form a coherent mental picture of; and that contradiction conveys precisely the internal contradictions of the protagonist's breakdown.

    The rotoscoped A Scanner Darkly managed to give an idea of things like the scramble suit, but utterly failed to convey the tragic, heartbreaking depth of the prose protagonist's disassociation, simply because that kind of interiority is something prose can do and film simply can't, and it's that interiority which is what makes Dick's work so fascinating.

    The most successful screen Dick adaptation, Blade Runner, of course, works by actually not adapting the novel at all but instead producing a completely separate work which engages with the same themes from the opposite direction, crashing film's exteriority head-on into the book's interiority, and creating a pair that are more than the sum of their parts.

    I expect the idea of adapting Dick to the screen to be a failure, but I do rather hope it will be an ambitious and interesting failure. I will watch it anyway, just to see.

  • Mark Carroll

    Indeed. I don't usually bother with Channel 4 but this might have to be an exception.