Netflix does a John Stamos April Fool’s joke

I’ll admit I fell for this one, since I saw it last night on Netflix and as we all know, April Fool’s jokes are supposed to end at midday. I simply assumed he’d got a new show and that Netflix were doing their best to publicise it:

I’m afraid I didn’t get as far as watching the trailer:

Turns out that Netflix doesn’t realise that April Fool’s day jokes are supposed to end at all, because it’s now put out a video in which John Stamos ‘discovers’ it was all an April Fool’s joke.

Look at the timestamp on that: 8.37pm! Midday, Netflix! Midday!

I don’t know what’s funnier, though – the whole thing or the person who replied to that Tweet asking “when is sense8 season 2 coming”.


  • Mark Carroll

    Huh, we watched Daredevil on Netflix last night and I didn't even notice!