News: Ripper Street, Young & Hungry cancelled; JK Simmons is Commissioner Gordon; Andie MacDowell – model woman; Geena Davis – exorcist; + more

Film casting

  • JK Simmons to play Commissioner Gordon in Justice League

Internet TV


New UK TV shows

  • BBC green lights: King Lear, with Anthony Hopkins; adaptation of King Charles III; adaptation of Zadie Smith’s NW; and multigenerational family drama Wanderlust 


US TV show casting

New US TV shows

  • WGN America green lights: pilots of adaptations of DC Comics’ Scalped and Arkady and Boris Strugatsky’s Roadside Picnic

New US TV show casting

  • GYAD

    Roadside Picnic…the TV series. Uh, wat?

    As for the BBC:

    Gay docudrama
    2 race docos (“white boys and black heroes”…racist much?)
    Celebrity led pop doco
    North London drama
    Is lifelong monogamy desirable drama (yes)
    Disabled drama
    Another Tudor doco

    Please, make it end.

    (Not that I object to any of these individually…just to the sheer lack of, well, diversity)

  • JustStark

    Roadside Picnic…the TV series. Uh, wat?

    Every week they find a weird alien artefact in the woods, and then the episode plays out beat-for-beat identically with every other episode where they also found a different weird alien artefact in the woods.

    I mean I'm just guessing.

  • JustStark

    Genesis Rodriguez

    What an excellent name.

  • I thought so. I couldn't work out if her parents were big fans of the Bible or Wrath of Khan, though.

  • JustStark

    I'm assuming from the surname it's an instance of Biblical names being big in Romance countries.

  • Never underestimate Trekkies. They get everywhere

  • JustStark

    I heard they look like us now.

  • That's just scaremongering

  • GYAD

    “Hey man…doesn't this alien artifact make you appreciate just how small our presence in the cosmos is?”

    “Yeah…oh look, a new shiny thing next week”