‘Walter presents’ is now live. Am I out of business now?

One of this blog’s dearest aims is to reveal to you the best TV shows from around the world – while warning you about the worst. Channel 4 have clearly noticed this and regard it as A Good Idea. As a result, they’ve just launched a new online service called ‘Walter Presents‘ that does something similar. Allegedly curated by a bloke called Walter*, it’s supposed to be the cherry-picked best of the world’s best foreign-language TV programmes. Here, let Channel 4 explain (apparently Walter can only talk about TV, not himself):

Some of the shows are also going to be available on Channel 4’s regular broadcast channels, with RTL’s Deutschland 83 having started on Channel 4 last night, while Canal+’s Spin is hitting More4’s schedules on Friday. However, most are exclusive to Walter Presents and currently include the likes of:

  • Heartless (Denmark)
    From the writer of The Bridge and the director of The Killing, a dark, steamy supernatural thriller
  • Match Day (French)
    A moody, tense thriller with shocking family secrets at its heart
  • Kabul Kitchen (Afghan)
    Funny, mischievous, irreverent comedy set against a backdrop of the war in Afghanistan
  • Cenk Batu (German)
    A brooding undercover agent infiltrates Germany’s deadliest crime rings
  • The Lens (Czech)
    A young cameraman is recruited to Prague’s elite crime squad after the tragic death of his father
  • Pure Evil (Afghan)
    A psychopathic sect leader vows to make a former policeman and expert criminologist’s life a living hell
  • 10 (Swiss)
    Award-winning crime thriller. A high stakes poker game, a wanted criminal, a rigged room

So there you go. Provided it’s not in English or Welsh and you don’t mind watching TV on a computer**, you don’t need me any more. You’ve got Walter.


* Like Channel 4 would ever call it something like ‘Kevin presents’
** I checked the All 4 iOS app and it does include Walter Presents content. I imagine the Android and the Amazon Fire apps do, too. No Amazon Fire Stick app yet, though, although I hear that’s due soon


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