‘Walter presents’ is now live. Am I out of business now?

One of this blog’s dearest aims is to reveal to you the best TV shows from around the world – while warning you about the worst. Channel 4 have clearly noticed this and regard it as A Good Idea. As a result, they’ve just launched a new online service called ‘Walter Presents‘ that does something similar. Allegedly curated by a bloke called Walter*, it’s supposed to be the cherry-picked best of the world’s best foreign-language TV programmes. Here, let Channel 4 explain (apparently Walter can only talk about TV, not himself):

Some of the shows are also going to be available on Channel 4’s regular broadcast channels, with RTL’s Deutschland 83 having started on Channel 4 last night, while Canal+’s Spin is hitting More4’s schedules on Friday. However, most are exclusive to Walter Presents and currently include the likes of:

  • Heartless (Denmark)
    From the writer of The Bridge and the director of The Killing, a dark, steamy supernatural thriller
  • Match Day (French)
    A moody, tense thriller with shocking family secrets at its heart
  • Kabul Kitchen (Afghan)
    Funny, mischievous, irreverent comedy set against a backdrop of the war in Afghanistan
  • Cenk Batu (German)
    A brooding undercover agent infiltrates Germany’s deadliest crime rings
  • The Lens (Czech)
    A young cameraman is recruited to Prague’s elite crime squad after the tragic death of his father
  • Pure Evil (Afghan)
    A psychopathic sect leader vows to make a former policeman and expert criminologist’s life a living hell
  • 10 (Swiss)
    Award-winning crime thriller. A high stakes poker game, a wanted criminal, a rigged room

So there you go. Provided it’s not in English or Welsh and you don’t mind watching TV on a computer**, you don’t need me any more. You’ve got Walter.


* Like Channel 4 would ever call it something like ‘Kevin presents’
** I checked the All 4 iOS app and it does include Walter Presents content. I imagine the Android and the Amazon Fire apps do, too. No Amazon Fire Stick app yet, though, although I hear that’s due soon

  • Mark Carroll

    You're certainly not replaced if Walter doesn't have your scathing wit!

  • tassiekev .

    Very disappointed it wasn't 'Kevin Presents'. Apparently the image of some balding old bloke with an Aussie twang and a weight problem with food spilling down his T-shirt didn't appeal.

    BTW, it's live on my BT Youview box as well.

    Keep up the good work.

  • benjitek

    I have a variety of sources I use to check on potential domestic and international programming. This guy's list might be a new one. If I run into something that sounds interesting at a site other than this one, I immediately check it against the A-Z review listing here.

    Heartless and 10 both sound like a maybe, and I haven't heard of either — they aren't in the A-Z list. Heartless has an average rating of 5.9 from 269 IMDB users, a bit low, but loved The Bridge & The Killing, so I'd consider watching the first 1-2 episodes just to see. 10 has a 7.5 IMDB rating from just 6 users, and has ten 26 minutes episodes. Sounds interesting, especially if it's a single story arc — but if it's a thriller-of-the-week, then probably not.

    The Medium is Not Enough is the definitive site for a comprehensive overview of television media, and the only site I >always< check to see if something I'm considering has been reviewed.

  • Thanks! Let's see if we can annoy Walter then 😉

  • Thanks! Right, let's get a petition going to get Walter to change his name

  • Thanks! This post seems to have inspired compliments from people somehow, which wasn't my intent!

    I don't have a great record in watching non-English language shows, even the Welsh ones. I'd like to, but on top of all the English-language shows from around the world, I rarely have time to deal with French shows, let alone shows in languages I can't speak at all. Apparently, Walter does

  • tassiekev .

    Obviously, they're worried at C4 – received this email minutes ago:

    Hi kevin,

    Foreign-language drama is my life’s passion. For the past 18 months,
    I’ve watched over 3,000 hours of series from all over the world and
    distilled what I think is the very best to bring to you on All 4.

    There are some truly fantastic box sets — all available on demand and completely free. I hope you enjoy them as much as me.


    PS. I am not an insane megalomaniac — it was not my idea to call this Walter Presents.

    I'd like to believe him but……

  • You're right. He clearly is an insane megalomaniac. Spread the word

  • benjitek

    If you're ever inclined — definitely think about skipping Heartless. Not completely awful, but surprisingly not-good considering the pedigree. I didn't last an entire episode — very CW, but with subtitles. Deutschland 83 is pretty good though… but there are plenty of English speaking series just as good or better. Kinda doubt this guy's list has staying power…

  • JustStark

    It's available on the Ex Box too.

    I'm curious about The Lens but that's just because it's Czech… over Christmas I finally got around to watching Otesánek which I picked up on a visit to Prague and it is utterly, utterly bizarre. Bizarre in a good, or at least fascinating way, though.

    I have decided, though, that the answer to the earlier question about preferring weekly or all-at-once-releases is that I definitely prefer weekly: I was just thinking I can fit an episode of Deutschland '83 into my weekly schedule (it can take over the Homeland slot), but when something is dumped all-at-once I just don't have time to go through the lot of it and also have a life.

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