TMINE this week. Plus Question of the Week: what did you get for Christmas?

Since TMINE takes a break over Christmas, this week is going to be the usual New Year’s catch-up period where the schedules are slightly different from normal. Those looking forward to hearing what Wonder Woman got up to over Christmas are going to have to wait until tomorrow, since there was something of a deluge and I feel like doing some work today. Never fear, Weekly Wonder Woman will be back to its regular Monday slot next week, though.

Later, I’ll be posting a ‘What have you been watching this Christmas?’ for the holiday period, but there’ll be a regular ‘What have you been watching?’ in the usual Friday slot to cover everything from last night’s TV onwards (Endeavour‘s back for starters).

Depending on how I’m feeling and how many bricks make contact with my head in the next week, I’ll be posting separate reviews of the new shows (some of exceedingly variable quality) that start airing this week: Cooper Barrett’s Guide To Surviving Life (US: Fox), Byw Celwydd/Living A Lie (UK: S4C), Deutschland 83 (Germany: RTL; US: Sundance TV; UK: Channel 4) and – shudders – Beowulf: Return To The Shieldlands (UK: ITV; US: Esquire). I’ll also be previewing some of the new shows coming to our screens this month: Colony (US: USA), Teachers (US: TV Land)Idiotsitter (US: Comedy Central), Billions (US: Showtime) and Second Chance (US: Fox).

On top of that, there’ll be a guide to the BFI’s January TV output and maybe even a competition and a DVD review, too, since I’ve got Network’s Callan: This Man Alone sitting on my desk, waiting to be given a well overdue (re)viewing. Hmm. This could be a fortnight’s work now I think about it, but let’s see how it all pans out.

This week’s Question of the Week, though, is a simple one: what TV did you get for Christmas (or whatever holiday you were celebrating)? My gifts were few but good:

  • Spyship: Alerted to its existence by Just Stark, I added this Cold War serial to my Amazon wish list and hey presto, here it is. 
  • Out of the Unknown: I’ve written about this before, but never managed to watch more than a few of this anthology series of classic science-fiction stories. Now I’ve got every surviving episode, as well as audio versions of some of those that don’t.
  • 1001 TV Series You Must Watch Before You Die: A guide to some of the best TV shows from around the world, grouped by decade. I might turn this into a feature on the blog, as I wade my way through each show. However, there might be some nitpicking over the choices. It’s got Derek in it for starters. I’m hoping ironically.

How about you?

UPDATE: I forgot I got Apparitions (review) as well. It’ll be interesting to see if it’s dated.