News: more House of Cards; Mary Kills People; a steampunk soap; Shadow Moon cast; + more

Canadian TV

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US TV show casting

New US TV shows

  • ABC green lights: pilots of family comedy The Second Fattest Housewife in Westport
  • and criminal law and media drama Notorious, wedding toast flashback comedy Toast, adaptation of Austrian fake miracle comedy Braunschlag as Hail Mary, lesbian/straight mail dating comedy, driver at home comedy The Fluffy Shop
  • and HG Wells time machine drama Time After Time, divorce attorney and sister drama, sexy supernatural revenge drama The Death of Eva Sofia Valdez, and steampunk soap Spark
  • CBS green lights: annoying footballer comedy The Kicker 

New US TV show casting

  • Ricky Whittle to star as Shadow Moon in Starz’s American Gods

  • GYAD

    “Global green lights: underground euthanasia drama Mary Kills People”


    Canadian TV, naturally.

  • Naturally. I do wonder about Canadian TV and indeed the TV of lots of other countries, predominantly English-language, that don't have quite enough money for their own scripted output, but just enough that they can produce something. So most of the schedules are based on “let's get oodles of US TV and simulcast it” interspersed with home-grown documentaries, reality TV, et al, with just the occasional piece of scripted comedy and drama that they make themselves.

    The trouble is they then seem to do either one of two things: make something utterly generic that'll sell around the world and won't even obviously be from the country of origin (eg Orphan Black); and/or come up with something that fetishises the locality of the drama.

    In the latter case, they tend to then think to themselves “What's quintessentially Canadian/New Zealand/Australian/Irish/etc?” and produce something that's almost a pastiche of how the rest of the world regards them. And I'm not sure if that works. Sometimes it does, apparently – The Brokenwood Mysteries in NZ is something they're all very proud of and I think is now on its third season, but is just as dully dull as if you've written down “Not as good as Australian TV in a country that everyone thinks has nice landscape and nice people, but where nothing much happens.”

    And then you get Canadian TV, where it's “Let's be proud of being Canadian and our history” (Station X, Bomb Girls, Murdoch Mysteries) versus “Let's be utterly liberal” and you get This Life, et al, which promptly get cancelled in the ratings because no one wants to watch them, no matte how many TV critics talk about how great and quintessentially Canadian they are (it's like no one at any of the TV channels in Canada even noticed who was in power for the past 10 years in Canada).

    It's a shame, because there was a point about half a decade ago where Canadian TV was producing some really good stuff that worked for both Canadian and international audiences, but wasn't “quintessentially Canadian” (at least not initially), such as The Border and jPod.

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