News: BBC One and Two’s 2016 shows, The Expanse, Full Circle renewed, Netflix’s Mindhunter + more

Happy New Year! Hope you had a good ‘un! Here’s what’s new and what you might have missed in the past two weeks…

Canadian TV

  • Teaser for season 4 of Orphan Black

Internet TV


New UK TV shows


New US TV shows

  • GYAD

    BBC commissions:

    Requiem – Another crazy woman drama.

    Howard's End – Another period drama remake.

    Press – Another media show about the media.

    Broken – Another Catholic (working class) guilt fest from Jimmy McGovern.

    The Replacement – Another crazy woman drama.

    Woman in White – Another period (horror) drama remake.

    Black Earth Rising – Another over-ambitious 3rd world drama from Hugo Blick.

    Paula – ???

  • JustStark

    The Replacement – Another crazy woman drama

    But one by Joe Aherne, which is good, because it's been too long since we saw anything from him. Pity it's about crazy, not about supernatural, but you can't have everything.

    Paula – ???

    I've read The Seafarer, and I don't remember thinking it was terrible. Maybe I'll have a quick skim through it to refresh my memory.

  • I hadn't noticed that was Aherne. I might actually make the effort to tune in for The Replacement then