News: Zoolander 2 trailer, Bastard Executioner cancelled, Cat’s Cradle adaptation, Red Button to go? + more

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  • CBC developing: adaptation of period mother-daughter dramedy Tempting Faith DiNapoli


  • BBC to cut £150m, possibly including Red Button


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  • JustStark

    FX cancels: The Bastard Executioner

    Did they ever make up their minds whether it was about an executioner who was a bastard, or someone who went around executing bastards?

  • I think the problem is that everyone had given up watching before the answer was ultimately revealed

  • JustStark

    Ah, a salutary lesson: get your bastards out early.

  • Mark Carroll

    I never use the Red Button service anyway.

  • JustStark

    I think I have once or twice during the Olympics or Wimbledon.

  • I tried it. Seemed slow and little better than Ceefax+. Would rather have web content, TBH

  • JustStark

    Oh, I never used the Ceefax-a-like bits, just the temporary extra channels they put on during big tournaments. Though given as those aren't 'red button content' so much as just, well, temporary extra channels using the 'red button' as an access mechanism, it's a bit unclear as to whether losing 'red button' services would cut them, or keep them just with a different way to access them (They can't be that expensive, as they are usually just extra feeds from places where all the kit is there already, like Wimbledon, or where they're buying in the coverage (I assume) en bloc, like non-London Olympics.)