News: Fargo renewed, Crazy Ex- and iZombie extended, Agent Carter teaser + more

Internet TV

  • Matt Bomer to star in Amazon’s The Last Tycoon


  • Casting on BBC One’s Taboo with Tom Hardy


New US TV shows

New US TV shows

  • Casting on Bravo’s True Fiction and My So Called Wife

  • benjitek

    Surprised about CrazyEx — went downhill fast for me…

  • Andy Butcher

    Have only watched the pilot so far (still so much to catch up on), but this is the CW, and they seem to hate cancelling things. 11 seasons of Supernatural and counting… 😉

  • Faster for me 😉

  • Some things last until the cast can't cope any more (e.g. Smallville); others get wiped out almost instantly (e.g. Tomorrow People); and then some things linger around until someone remembers they exist and cancels them (e.g. Beauty and the Beast). I've never quite worked out how The CW sorts them, though