News: gay Hart to Hart, TV Behind Enemy Lines, NBC wins 2014/5 season + more

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  • GYAD

    I'm one of the weird people who liked BEHIND ENEMY LINES but… turning it into a TV series? That's crazy.

    Also, Latin America? A conspiracy? Way to stay on top of current affairs US TV.

  • I guess it makes a change from Islamist terrorists, sleeper cells and government cover-ups involving private contractors

  • GYAD

    Oh man, Blackwater clones are the worst.

    Sleeper cells are one of those post 9/11 things which we've largely forgotten (thankfully, 'cos the show about them sucked).

    I wouldn't actually mind more Islamist terrorists, if they did them as more than 'scary men in funny clothes'.

    We're 14 years into GWOT and almost nobody knows who Ibn Taymiyyah is, what a miswak is, or what al wala wal bara means.

    Even basic stuff like Salafism or Takfirism is completely unknown. It's a terrible indictment of TV and movies.