News: BBC One’s Trojan War, CW enters Weaveworld, a Jack Ryan TV series, NBC’s Pre-Madonna + more

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New UK TV shows

  • David Bowie to write theme to Sky Atlantic’s The Last Panthers
  • BBC One green lights: Trojan war epic Fall of a City, To Sir With Love adaptation, and The Last Post


US TV show casting

New US TV shows

New US TV show casting

  • JustStark

    80s comedy Pre-Madonna

    Well, that'll be another one where they came up with the title first.

  • GYAD

    FALL OF A CITY. So, the Iliad…from the perspective of an ordinary family. Translation: Achaeanenders.

    TO SIR WITH LOVE…why bother remaking a fine film? There are other books out there about the black experience in Britain out there.

    THE LAST POST…might actually be decent, so long as it's about the Redcaps'n'insurgency and not the women'n'kids. I suppose it's too much to hope we'd get Mad Mitch…

  • Ordinary Trojan family, though, so Hittite's Way?