News: Amazon’s Jack Ryan series, Partners in Crime cancelled, lots of Nazis + more


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New UK TV show casting

  • Sam Riley to star in BBC adaptation of SS:GB


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  • GYAD

    An adaptation of SS:GB…brilliant! Starring Sam Riley? Nooo…

    Jewish vigilantes fighting Nazis in post-war Britain? In co-pro with the Yanks. No. Please stop. No more Nazis.

  • The Nazis have to stop. It's getting silly. And I'm half-convinced this has been given the okay because of Amazon getting all the kudos for Man in the High Castle and the Beeb wanting to piggyback off it

  • Mark Carroll

    There's plenty of Nazi mileage yet! I hadn't noticed “The Man in the High Castle” (or forgotten your review); I'll have to add that to the list (I like Rufus Sewell). If anything's been milked to death it's the Jack Ryan franchise. (I don't think I'll bother with “The 43”.)