Fancy a three-minute guide to obscure and popular sci-fi shows of the 60s-90s?

Then enjoy this compilation of trailers from the US Sci-Fi channel of the 90s. Back when it showed mostly sci-fi.

To recreate the UK Sci-Fi channel of the 90s, of course, you’d just have to keep playing the trailer for Probe over and over again.


  • JustStark

    Coincidently I was just watching <i.wild palms<=”” i=””>, because I was too young to really get it the first time. It stands up surprisingly well, actually. With a really eclectic cast of were-famous-before and still-to-be-famous faces, plus David Warner taking it all very seriously for gravitas.

    (Though it is, like Mannequin, one of those things retroactively ruined by Sex and the City).

  • I remember Wild Palms being on and I think I watched the first episode, but it was hyped as the next big Twin Peaks at the time and the first episode made it very clear that's not what it was, so I didn't get much further.

  • JustStark

    Right, yes, I had a similar experience: it made no sense, I couldn't follow it, and I stopped watching. but this time I stuck with it (it's only five episodes) and, as I say, it holds up surprisingly well (in terms of themes, obviously, rather than technology, though the idea of people in 2007 attaching VR projectors with big red, blue and green bulbs to the top of their CRT televisions is amusingly bonkers) if you let it all wash over you rather than trying to concern oneself over-much with the plausibility of the plot.

    Certainly it's more experimental and interesting to watch than the 90% of TV being made today that is composed of formula procedurals where the exact same thing happens every episode, often to the minute.

  • JustStark

    (And it's just so blatantly anti-L. Ron Hubbard that it's amazing the Scientologists didn't set hit squads on all involved).

  • I imagine they didn't have all of Tom Cruise's big wodges of cash at that point