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  • Mark Carroll

    I am a little curious about “The Way”.

  • I'm a little curious about when Hulu's going to get round to either launching outside the US or licensing its content to UK broadcasters. Seems odd they're not even trying, by the looks of it

  • Mark Carroll

    I wonder how that fits with the market for the content they have. Mind you, for their US customers, they do carry Hannibal at the moment, though mostly I think of Hulu as being for the mainstream network scripted dramas, like The Blacklist, maybe sitcoms too. I suppose at the moment they do carry some good older short-season things like Kino's Journey and both seasons of The Booth at the End, the kind of thing that Netflix sometimes does.

    The international market question comes to my mind because, when I lived in the US, BBC America mostly didn't show the BBC stuff I actually wanted to watch; I'd have been happy to just record it at 3am or something, I'm not asking for primetime. Instead it was all Footballers' Wives and other such drivel, the kind of thing that doesn't challenge the audience at all (which accords well with American mainstream taste in films, too, I guess).

  • Hulu's started making a whole lot of original stuff, which I've not seen it trying to license in overseas territory, and there was a move a few years ago to link up with ITV in the UK, but nothing ever came from that. It feels like they're just happy to chug away in the US and not expand further. Which is a shame, because in terms of usability, it's one of the best services out there – better than Amazon Prime and Netflix, certainly.