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  • David Harewood, Neil Morrissey, Katherine Kelly et al join BBC One’s The Night Manager


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  • tobyob

    I was surprised when I saw the link to “The Game”. I'm accustomed to the American audience getting British productions after they've already aired over there. Was there a reason it took this long? And why it didn't air on BBC1 as planned?

  • There's probably a reason for the shift and the delay, just not one that's been made public. It might just have sat better tonally with BBC Two than BBC One, which is increasingly populist rather than high brow. Then it was a question of finding a slot in the schedule for it. But that's all guesswork.

  • JustStark

    It's not uncommon for programmes to sit on the shelf for a long time after they are completed, waiting for a slot. The Fall waited a year before airing, and at one point ITV had a huge backlog of two-part thrillers that took them literal years to burn through (they may still be, for all I know) due to some weird accounting thing where they only counted the money as spent when the programme aired so if they didn't show it then their finances looked much healthier than they really were. And they had made tons of these things so if they showed them all in one year their accounts for that year would look terrible.

    Selling it abroad in the meantime is more unusual, but on the other hand if (as seems to have happened) it was commissioned by one BBC One regime, which then changed, and the new regime doesn't want it so there's no firm date for it ever airing, then why not?

    Possibly it being an in-house BBC production helped: I expect that when (eg) BBC One commissions a programme from an external source, there's probably a clause that says BBC One has first broadcast rights. But when the BBC commissions from itself, they probably don't have that so they can sell it abroad before its domestic airing, if that proves convenient.