Kinder decides boys won’t want a Black Widow (or any female) Bobblehead

Kinder – those slightly surreal people who fill their chocolate eggs with all manner of oddness – currently has a range of Avengers Assemble eggs filled with ‘bobbleheads’. What’s a bobblehead? Well, this is a Captain America one.

Captain America Bobblehead

He’s part of a range aimed at kids. Or rather boys. Apparently, only boys are going to want these Bobbleheads, according to Kinder. And boys are only going to want to play with boy Bobbleheads, Kinder reckons, too. Because here’s the full range:


It’s an interesting set of characters. On the one hand, we have characters largely from Avengers Assemble, including Loki and Hawkeye. On the other hand, we also have Falcon (top left) from Captain America: The Winter Soldier and (maybe) The Avengers: Age of Ultron. And no Black Widow or even Maria Hill, who are in both, or Scarlet Witch who’s in the second movie.

Kinder has literally done all it can to ensure there are no female characters in this range.

Allow me to present some expert commentary on this choice:

  • Mark H Wilkinson

    This isn't a film tie-in. These are from Avengers Assemble the animated series (in which Black Widow is a character, so your point still stands).
    LEGO have been better about this; the SHIELD Helicarrier I saw featured Hill and Black Widow.

  • Ah! Good point, well made. And here's the promo shot for it, too, which is somewhat lacking in the Loki department and has considerably more Black Widow, as you point out

  • aylwardreed

    It is beyond stupid that Black Widow gets left out of promotion so much. Ask anyone who their favourite characters are from the films and I guarantee most will say Black Widow after Iron Man, Thor and Captain America, if not before!

  • I find my favourites vary from movie to movie. Iron Man's great, obviously, but I preferred Thor after Thor and didn't care for Cap America at all, even after Avengers. Black Widow leapt to the top for me after The Avengers, but Captain America 2 really solidified that for me. Surprisingly, though, Captain America's my favourite after that – Captain America: Winter Soldier made him the most interesting character of the big four Avengers, I found, and the whole tone of the film was just so much more interesting and, if not realistic, more real than the previous, more comic book movies.

    Either way, it's one thing to suggest that Black Widow isn't as popular as the Big Four; it's quite another to suggest that Hawkeye is more popular than she is, which is what the marketing would suggest.

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