The Wednesday Play: Anton Chekhov’s The Three Sisters (1970)

Anthony Hopkins in The Three Sisters

Although Chekhov’s slightly fallen out of favour these days, his work has featured in several TV productions over the years. One of the most notable versions of the 1900 play The Three Sisters was the BBC Play of the Month videotaped television production of 1970, directed by Cedric Messina.

The Three Sisters describes the lives and aspirations of the Prozorov family: sisters Olga (Eileen Atkins), Masha (Janet Suzman) and Irina (Michele Dotrice), and their brother Andrei (Anthony Hopkins). Brought up in Moscow but living in a provincial town for the past 11 years, the sisters dream of returning to the big city. However, the move never happens and the sisters are forced to find meaning in their current home.

Also starring Joss Ackland, the play is available on DVD but you can watch it below as it’s this week’s Wednesday Play.