Two new trailers for season five of Engrenages (Spiral)

Can you believe that Engrenages is now 10 years old? Ridiculous, isn’t it? Still, five seasons over 10 years isn’t the fastest of rates, so maybe that would explain why it seems so odd.

Yes, five seasons, because next month in France, the fifth season begins and Canal+ is starting to promote the show properly in preparation. On top of the poster and teaser trailer from a couple of weeks ago, now come two proper trailers, one about the lawyers and judges, one about the police. For those whose French ain’t great, don’t worry, you aren’t missing much since it’s really just a set of introductions to the characters – “Josephine Karlsson – always the opportunist” doesn’t really tell you much you didn’t know already – but there is footage from the new season at least and one or two juicy nuggets.

No word yet on a BBC4 air date, but my guess is 2015. But it might be December. BBC4’s so tricky.