The Wednesday Play – The Realm of Never: Moratorium (2001)

To a large extent, modern television has turned its back on the play, both here and the US. Does that mean the play is dead? 

Not at all. Public access television in the US, for example, has enabled amateurs and semi-professionals to create their own plays and broadcast them to the masses, and YouTube and Vimeo allow others to do the same. The Realm of Never was a series of plays produced between 1999 and 2008 at Queens Public Television in Flushing, New York. The plays were designed to mimic the likes of Playhouse 90 in look and feel, right down to being videotaped,. Cheap they may have been, but that’s the beauty of the play – it doesn’t matter so much about the budget so much as the performances and end result

Each of the plays had a supernatural theme aimed at exploring the human condition. The 2001 episode, Moratorium, wonders what would happen if a virus were unleashed that had a very interesting side-effect: omniscience. And it’s this week’s Wednesday Play – enjoy!