Wednesday’s “Airwolf and Knight Rider comics, Falling Skies renewed and The Daltons series” news

All you Americans have a nice holiday tomorrow. And I hope you Canadians had a nice Monday – sorry I forgot.

Film casting


  • Classic NBC shows, including Knight Rider, Miami Vice and Airwolf, coming back as comics


New UK TV shows


  • Mark Carroll

    Wow, even more Falling Skies. I wonder if I should investigate further; maybe it's not as rubbish as I'd first assumed.

  • I watched the first three episodes and they were bland as can be: http://www.the-medium-is-not-e

    Remember, it is on TNT, which currently has the fourth season of Rizzoli & Isles airing. Bland is their raison d'être, these days

  • Mark Carroll

    Good points, thank you.