The Wednesday Play: The Naked Civil Servant (1975)

A look at the ground-breaking ITV play

Given that the Queen has just today signed an act of parliament making gay marriages legal in England and Wales, it seems appropriate to make today’s Wednesday Play The Naked Civil Servant, a boundary-breaking ITV play based on the autobiography of openly gay man Quentin Crisp. Directed by Jack Gold, written by Philip Mackie and produced by Blog Goddess Verity Lambert, the play starred John Hurt as the flamboyant Crisp, covering his life from youth to middle age as he comes to terms with his homosexuality during the 1930s and 1940s, a time when homosexuality was illegal and even women were looked down upon for dyeing their hair.

Spawning a recent sequel (An Englishman in New York) and regarded by industry professionals as one of the most important British TV plays ever made, it’s a must watch. If you like it, buy it on DVD!