August on TMINE

It’s holiday time! This is what I’m going to be doing for the next two weeks! Except not in the South of France.

So what does this mean for all five or even ten of you still reading this ‘ere blog? Well, for starters, there’s not going to be nothing new here until the 19th August. Sorry!

After that, a vestigial service will resume, probably largely consisting of my posting of YouTube videos, because you’re probably all going to be on holiday, too. But there’ll probably also be the “What did you watch…?” section, because there are some shows on TV this summer.

But definitely not coming back until the first week of September is The Daily News. That’s not just because I fancy having a whole month of not having to get up early to write it – it’s also because everyone who actually makes news, makes decisions, etc, is probably going to be on holiday, too, so there probably won’t be much to report anyway.

So have a great time in my absence. Let me know if you come across anything exciting to watch or indeed anything else interesting and I’ll see you all soon.

  • Mark Carroll

    Have a nice time! I made the mistake of using my summer holiday time to fulfill obligations to spend time with distant family so now I find myself back at work wanting an actual break. So, do better than I did. (-:

  • bob

    I can relate.

    Holidays are tough… I need to work extra long hours the week before a holiday to get things into a good state to be left and then when I return I need to work extra long hours to catch up again. Meanwhile, lots of other people are on holiday during the summer meaning that I have less help and indeed need to fill in for other people…


    I've been back from holiday just two weeks and really need a break.

  • Cheers! Yes, it's very tempting to try to fit things in and do lots of things when holiday, which defeats the whole point. We're going to try to do the busy things in the first week and do nothing in the second week

  • Ouch. Hope things slack off a bit at work soon, then!