The Russian Life on Mars finally sees the light of day as Dark Side of the Moon

They’ve been talking about it for years, but finally Russia’s version of Life on Mars – Обратная Сторона Луны (aka Dark Side of the Moon, since Bowie was unknown but Pink Floyd was big in those days) – has emerged, with a modern day Russian policeman travelling back in time 30 years to work with a KGB officer and work out what he’s doing there: is he mad, in a coma or back in time?

The big change, apart from it being set in Russia? The KGB lot very much played by the rules so it’s the modern-day cop who’s the fast-and-loose Gene Hunt to the KGB Sam Tyler. Here’s a trailer (no subtitles, I’m afraid).

And if your Russian is good, you can watch the entire first episode (and others), too:

Further reading: BBC Worldwide

[via @stuartamdouglas]