I’m off! Plus two Wednesday Plays: Vote Vote Vote For Nigel Barton and Stand Up, Nigel Barton (1965)

The Venetian in Las Vegas

I’m off to Las Vegas. Yes, I am, for I was married there 10 years ago on Sunday and we’re going back there to celebrate. I doubt there’ll be any 1960s-style cowboys-cum-sherrifs to see while I’m there – although there should be some gondoliers – but I’ll be off until next Wednesday at least, when some attempt at normal service might resume.

Until then, have loads of fun without me, watch good tele, chat among yourselves (and if you’re just lurking, feel free to introduce yourself to the other commenters – they’re all very nice people) and guard the blog against interlopers.

If you can’t find any good tele, here are two of Dennis Potter’s classic The Wednesday Plays for you to enjoy: Vote Vote Vote For Nigel Barton and its sequel, Stand Up, Nigel Barton, which aired just a week later in 1965. As always, if you like them, buy them!