• bob

    I do not believe in an overlap between the Whedonverse and the Marvelverse. Just because Joss Whedon sometimes writes and directs for Marvel doesn't make it his verse…

  • He's now in creative charge of all the Marvel movies. It's his universe now

  • SK

    Depends what you mean. If you think it means, 'characters created by Whedon' then no, the Marvel characters from the comics aren't in the set. If you think it means, 'characters Whedon has at some point exercised editorial control over' then yes they are.

    What a spectacularly pointless discussion. Who's the one in the spider suit, between Buffy Summers and the girl from Dollhouse?

  • bob

    Illyria (Angel).

    Maybe it is pointless but still, it bugs me. The Marvelverse isn't his creation and you know he's not really in charge.