Question of the week: is there too much good television on at the moment?

If you’ve been reading my blog since the start of the year – you happy few – you’ll have noticed that I’ve been struggling to watch all the TV that’s been airing. Even putting to one side the rubbish TV that I’ve been contractually obligated to watch because of the blog, it’s still a bit of a struggle to watch just the good stuff. Why, over the weekend alone, there was two hours of Spiral, an hour of Mr Selfridge, an hour of Shameless (US) and, yes, an hour of Top Gear. And I don’t think that’s just because it was the weekend or BBC4’s stupid transmission schedule. Netflix has just pumped out 13 episodes of House of Cards in one go and practically every night of the week has a good couple of hours somewhere.

Now, admittedly I’m an outlier, since I do scour the planet’s TV schedules, looking for stuff to watch. So to work out whether I’m just unrepresentative or not, today’s question is a simple one:

Is there too much good television on at the moment?

As always, answers below or on your own blog?

  • Yes

  • Yeah, the flood which is followed by the drought in the summer. I have to leave some series to watch like a box set, during quieter times; I have all of American Horror Story: Asylum's in the box.

    Talking of House of Cards, I have noticed that a lot of American TV programmes, and films recently (and I'm not exaggerating) are using a certain vulgar British term for the female reproductive organs. They clearly would like to use another vulgar term but either can't, or won't depending on where it is being broadcast etc. Did some posh bloke in 'Four Weddings…' introduce them to this term, because their pronunciation of it is really starting to grate.

  • Mark Carroll

    I'm not overwhelmed with stuff to watch at the moment, partly because, while I have you scouring the schedules for me, you also have access to material that I don't. I have a few shows on the “to watch” list that will make it onto my screen someday, like “Breaking Bad”'s last season, and “Continuum”, but that right now I can't cheaply get; also, things that I want to catch from the start instead of dipping into mid-way, like “Arrow” and “Vegas”. But, then, I have older shows that have actually now made it onto my screen, like “The Shadow Line” which Blockbuster had. And, other older ones that I still don't seem to be able to easily find, ranging from “Rubicon” to “Joking Apart”, but that I'd watch if I could. (I'm not about to buy DVDs sight unseen.) I'm certainly having to resort to not-compelling material at the moment; I'm even getting through science fiction novels (just reread an Iain Banks, now onto some cosmonaut trilogy thing) and radio shows (last night included “In Our Time” and I think we have “Just a Minute” back around now-ish).

    Though, I wasn't enticed by “Shameless” or “Mr. Selfridge”, and “Top Gear” can wait because my wife's out and she'll want to see it, and “Once Upon a Time” will wait because the kids will want to see that but by the time my wife's back it'll be their bedtime, so I suppose that's a couple of things for tomorrow, and we do have another “The Americans”, we've only seen the pilot so far. I don't think I'd exactly include “Top Gear” among must-see genuinely good stuff, though it exceeds the “Person of Interest” or “The Big Bang Theory” level of adequate yet missable entertainment. So, sure we have stuff to watch, but not much of it is so exciting that I actually know which night it's on, still less would I be much thrilled to receive it on DVD as a gift. I might have liked to watch the Terminator Sarah Connor series repeat, but again, I'd have preferred that from the start, and I didn't notice it in time.

    We'll probably watch Endgame on Hulu Plus, though, that'll keep us busy for a bit if it's good.

  • I think I know the one you mean – what shows have you heard it in, because it seems to have passed me by�?

  • Endgame was really good. My review's are around here somewhere. Shame it was cancelled

  • It was in the first ep of House of Cards, it was on a Louie CK stand-up show (also on Netflix), Easy A, there were more that I can't recall at the minute.

  • Mark Carroll

    You'll be the reason it got onto the list. (-:

  • bob

    No… 1) there is no such thing as too much of a good thing and 2) there is actually very little that excites me at the moment.

    I'm enjoying the trash tv- Arrow and Revenge and Banshee and Spartacus and Cougar Town. But I can't think of a single quality show airing right now that I also enjoy.

  • Rullsenberg

    I would definitely say there has been a bit of a log-jam of programmes presently. Last week: Monday – Penguins, Dancing on the Edge, and the finale of Lewis; Tuesday – Train programme and The Sound and the Fury. And Black Mirror (which I'm probably not going to get chance to catch up on). That was 6 programmes on within 2 single hour slots across two days…. And that is before we have the double dose of Spiral on Saturdays! I love it, but it's demanding box-set purchases that I would like to avoid – I can't watch and record everything AND have a life…

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