Monday’s “Delia Derbyshire cast, more Mad Fat Diary and Jessica Hynes’ suffragette sitcom” news

Doctor Who

  • Sarah Winter to play Delia Derbyshire in anniversary special

French TV


New US TV show casting

  • GYAD

    WAR AND PEACE? Again? Why?

    The BBC did a great miniseries in the 1970s. The French did a miniseries a couple of years ago. There is no need to do it again, especially as the story is so huge that it is essentially unfilmable unless, like Bondachuk, you have a real army on hand to use as extras. Especially when you only have six parts in which to tell the story.

    Why not adapt something by Tolstoy that hasn't been done to death – like HADJI MURAT, which has interesting parallels with the UK's current war in Afghanistan. Or if the BBC want to do something big then why not the War and Peace of the Second World War – namely Vassily Grossman's LIFE AND FATE?

  • Because – and this will probably be part of a rant I'll be writing next Monday – the BBC is writer-led. Andrew Davies probably pitched the idea and the Beeb went “Pride and Prejudice's Andrew Davies back with us again! Yeah! Whatev's you want Andy baby!”

  • Mark Carroll

    Huh, I'd not been aware of the Bondarchuk version, I'll have to give it a try.

  • GYAD

    Yeah. I absolutely understand. There's also the familiarity issue. WAR AND PEACE is famous whilst HADJI MURAT and LIFE AND FATE are unknown. Better known names usually means better ratings.

    I look forward to the rant.