Preview: Deception (NBC) 1×1

Deception on NBC

In the US: Mondays, 10/9c, NBC. Starts January 7 2013

With NBC doing so well in the ratings right now, it’s tempting to forget that it essentially churns out derivative rubbish. It even rips itself off with Go On, which is an imitation – albeit a not bad one – of Community.

As if to prove a point, here comes Deception, a show that practically screams, “We wish we’d thought of that, ABC!” Combining two of ABC’s stand-out shows of last year – Scandal and RevengeDeception is a relentlessly monotonous show of ridiculous proportions. Marrying Revenge‘s “crime, East Coast rich people and the poor outsider woman” soap opera with Scandal‘s mystery/thriller and black female lead (when only one network show has a black female lead, you know something’s wrong with the entire industry), Deception sees an FBI officer go undercover to solve the mystery of her former rich girl best friend’s apparent drug overdose. Except it’s really murder – as if you couldn’t see that coming.

Okay, might be good, you might think, except being NBC, it’s the blandest, dullest possible combination of those two shows, offering neither excitement nor vicarious thrills to get you through the fact that despite a decent cast that includes Victor Garber and Tate Donovan, there is absolutely nothing remarkable about the plot, the dialogue, the characters or their relationships. Even the tag line “To find the truth, she’ll become a lie” is boring.

Here’s a trailer. Stay awake if you can.

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Friday’s “Roger Moore and Ian Ogilvy join The Saint, Ridley Scott’s Vatican and The CW’s Robin Hood” news

The Daily News will return on January 8th 2013. Or maybe the 9th. Happy Winter Solstice, Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays and a Happy New Year to everyone!

Film casting

  • Iko Uwais returning for The Raid 2 (Berandal)


  • Trailer for Paul Weitz’s Admission, with Tina Fey, Paul Rudd, Michael Sheen et al
  • Teaser trailer for This Is The End



US TV casting

New US TV shows

New US TV show casting

  • Roger Moore, Ian Ogilvy, James Remar, Greg Grunberg et al join the cast of The Saint
Weird old title sequences

Weird old title sequences: The Banana Splits (1968-70)

The Banana Splits

Chances are, you’ll have heard The Banana Splits’ theme tune at some point. Still popular in its own right, it’s also a favourite for remixes and sampling.

Chances are you won’t ever have watched it, though – at least not the original series. Unlike other kids shows of the time, this weird mix of live action and animation that crossed The Monkees with Rowan and Martin’s Laugh In hasn’t had the longevity of other shows. Yet if you watched it, it would be hard to forget the near nightmarish qualities of Fleegle the beagle, Bingo the gorilla, Drooper the lion, and Snork/Snorky the elephant, and the somewhat surreal show they were in.

Imagine you’re four years old. Now watch the title sequence and know fear.

PS I should point out that Cartoon Network put out some Banana Splits Internet cartoons in the early 2000s and there was a new series in 2008, so there’s probably a generation of kids being traumatised right now by the latest incarnation of the Banana Splits.

PPS I should probably also point out than Jan Michael Vincent of Airwolf fame appeared in the not at all racist Danger Island strand of the show that ran in the first season.