Things to make you feel old: Scarlett Pomers

Remember Star Trek: Voyager? Well, why not, it was only on a couple of years ago, right? Remember that cute little kid, Naomi Wildman? Here she is:

Naomi Wildman

Ah! Well, she was played by Scarlett Pomers. She’s 24 now and this is what she looks like.

Scarlett Pomers

I feel old.

  • Rullsenberg

    If it was indeed 'only a couple of years' ago, aren't you in grace danger of doing an 'oooh, look, she's all growed-up' 🙂

    Seriously though: wow – *I* feel old…

  • Mark Carroll

    Those forehead bumps have completely receded too.

  • I'll be installing a sidebar of shame before you know it

  • Adam