Third-episode verdict: The Mindy Project (Fox)

The BarrometerA Barrometer rating of 2

In the US: Tuesdays, 9.30/8.30c, Fox
In the UK: Not yet acquired

Three episodes in and I can confirm we at last have the first decent new comedy of the season: Fox’s The Mindy Project. As I mentioned in my review of the first episode, it’s a funny, anti-romcom romcom. Since then, it’s dialled down the romcom name-dropping, but stuck to its romcom guns, while simultaneously adding in a bit more workplace comedy. There’s even a new character, although he’s more amusing when he has less to do.

And really, all I can say is “Watch it”, because although it’s not as consistently paralysingly funny as Archer, say, it still has its moments (the end scene of episode two was deliciously dark and nasty) and it’s a really good half-hour sitcom that’s better than all the other new comedies by miles. Oh, and that it’s got a crappy new title sequence, but don’t let that put you off.

Barrometer rating: 2