Monday’s “Private Practice cancelled, Ripper Street and Iron Man 3 trailers, and more episodes of ABC shows” news



  • Teaser for Iron Man 3 trailer
  • Trailer for Holy Motors, with Eva Mendes and Kylie Minogue

International TV



US TV casting

New US TV shows

  • NBC acquires Spinsters, CBS acquires Darkness Falls
  • …buys supernatural New Orleans show The Big Easy
  • …comedy from Rules of Engagement‘s Tom Hertz
  • Trailer for Ripper Street [US only]
  • HBO considering another WW2 mini

New US TV show casting

  • GYAD

    HBO doing another WW2 epic is great…but aerial battles in the Pacific sound terrible. There aren't enough surviving planes to do it in the flesh, CGI aerial combat looks terrible (Red Tails, Flyboys) and nobody except Americans and the Japanese care about the Pacific.

    North Africa or Italy seem obvious alternatives. If I were in charge I'd suggest a fictional but inspired by memoirs (The Pacific suffered from using factual characters) account of infantrymen in the Big Red One – North Africa, Sicily, Normandy, Germany etc.

    It'd be nice if the BBC pulled their finger out and gave the UK their own proper WW2 series (not just rubbish like Land Girls), especially as Alexander Baron's “From the City, From the Plough” is ready made for an adaptation.

  • Mark Carroll

    I thought that the Pacific's problem was more that the characters were fairly separate from each other a lot; Band of Brothers worked well because they were so much together for so much of it.

    But, in general, yes, although there seems to be a ton of WWII stuff in general on television in recent years, I wonder if some other war would be worth attention.