Weird old title sequences: Alias the Jester (1985)

Back in the 70s and 80s, Cosgrove Hall was a powerhouse of children’s TV. Creator of Chorlton and the Wheelies, Danger Mouse, The Wind in the Willows and Count Duckula, it dominated animated independent TV for the best part of those decades.

One minor little blip – although not necessarily on quality grounds – that’s largely been forgotten was 1985’s 13-part series Alias the Jester, which followed the adventures of a time traveller by the name of Alias and his dog-like companion Boswell. After their malfunctioning ship gets stuck in the Earth’s magnetic pole, they crash-land in a Middle Age kingdom called Houghton Bottoms, ruled by (a) King Arthur and his Queen Edith. Taking up a secret identity as Alias the Jester, he gains employment at the court and befriends the bumbling court wizard Meredith.

However, when the situation called for it, Alias instantly changed back into his red uniform, which enabled him to fly, and gave him a degree of super strength, which used to face the various villains of the show, each episode inevitably ending with Arthur firing Alias and Meredith.

Here’s the title sequence, which is a weird old combination of 80s pap music and utterly unhelpful scenes from the show.