How the bloody hell does the BFI’s membership thing work?

You may or may not – probably not – have noticed that I haven’t been doing the BFI TV round up for the last few months. There’s a simple reason for this: I haven’t been getting the screening brochure. There’s a simple reason for this, too: the BFI’s online membership management scheme is a sucky usability nightmare.

So, to be helpful to to the BFI and save it money, you can choose not to have certain mailings sent to you. And here’s what I chose.

BFI membership screen

What do you think that means? Does that to suggest that by ticking the boxes you’re opting out of something or does that mean you’re going to keep getting the stuff you tick?

I went for option b and the result is no brochures. And this morning I got this.

BFI brochure

So that’s definitely confirmed. If you’re a BFI member, you need to tick an option to opt out of the mailing. I’ve now swapped over the options and fingers-crossed, I’ll be able to restart the What’s On at the BFI feature again.

PS There’s no online help and no one replied to my email asking, in case you’re wondering why it’s taken so long to find out. I suppose I could have Tweeted them or something…