Doctor Who – Pond Life: Part 5

Well, you’ve all been waiting for it with baited breath and here it is at last – the final, fifth part of Chris Chibnall’s Pond Life prequel to the new series of Doctor Who, which starts tomorrow. Those of you who have been watching them all: what do you think? Worth the five minutes of your time needed to watch it?

  • bob

    I enjoyed it but I can't quite work out why they do this… Why bother releasing these prequels? It's not like DW needs to mount a buzz- it's already got it.

    Has a web prequel has ever successfully created interest in a show anyway?

  • Mark Carroll

    I can't say I was thrilled. The insertions into history seemed a bit cheap and silly and I don't care a lot about the relationship between Amy and Rory but I have to concede that the remote telephone message deletion was a nice touch (not that I've seen for many years, even for landlines, voicemail that wasn't stored at the telephone company's end, oh except I suppose in my mother-in-law's house, as she's using the same model we got rid of in 1999).

    It did seem to effectively whet my son's appetite though with the brief glimpses of things coming.

  • bob

    So now having seen the first episode of the new season I am baffled as to how this is a prequel. It doesn't seem to mesh at all.�