TMINE over the next week (or even month)

I’m moving home this weekend: woo hoo (or something). Anyway, BT in its infinite wisdom has completely messed up the phone line installation, ‘accidentally’ cancelling it this morning without telling me. So while I was scheduled to have a phone service and broadband from Thursday, it might be two weeks before an engineer can come round and another week after that before I broadband.

That means that TMINE might be a little truncated for the next week or two weeks. Certainly, the Daily News won’t be happening for a week or so (unless I’m very clever – but don’t ever rely on that) and I’m not sure what I guarantee about other content – not even TMINE’s birthday celebrations on the 18th. But I’m going to try to do what I can, so bear with me.

Have a great weekend and hopefully, I’ll be back next week. TTFN!

  • There's always the possibility that one of your neighbours has opted-in with BT Fon.

  • Rullsenberg

    Dude hope all goes (has gone) well!

  • It's a good idea and worked for almost a whole day before they turned it off! Sigh. Thanks though – wouldn't have even got that much without your handy suggestion!

  • Everything except the lack of Internet, which Sky is now dealing with. BT just annoyed me so much (they wanted �150 to turn up just to verify there was even a phone line there, even after I gave them the phone number) that I've handed everything over to the Murdochs.