Thursday’s “Fox renews Touch, cancels Alcatraz & The Finder; plus NBC and Fox’s new shows” news



Canadian TV



  • Fox renews Touch, cancels Alcatraz, The Finder, Breaking In and I Hate My Teenage Daughter
  • NBC renews L&O:SVU
  • Happy EndingsGail Lerner joins Animal Practice as showrunner
  • Cougar Town‘s Josh Hopkins to guest on TBS’s Men At Work
  • Tuesday ratings: New Girl finishes up 27% on last week, Cougar Town up 15%

US TV pilots

  • That's good news about Awake and Alcatraz. I was pessimistic about the former and I would have carried on watching the latter, even though I hated it, as I have a problem.

  • Do you mean Touch? I don't think there's been an announcement about Awake yet, unless I missed something

  • Now that's embarrassing. I have no idea how I misread that, they don't even contain any of the same letters.

  • So, Awake's been cancelled; I certainly jinxed that one, eh?

  • NBC said it was all your fault.