Top Cat: the movie

Who is this aimed at? And will it be called Boss Cat in the UK?

Top Cat poster

  • ugh. Drawings look far cruder then they used to? Or is that just me being old and grumpy. Judging by the fact that my children love the� Garfield movies, they will probably love this. No taste, children.

  • It was called Boss Cat because there was a cat food called Top Cat, which doesn't exist anymore, so there's no commercial reason to change the name now. Anyway, nobody ever called it Boss Cat. The theme tune said Top Cat, so that's what everyone called it.

  • There's no commercial reason to release the movie now, I'd have thought…�

    And pedantically, I called it Boss Cat (and Top Cat). But maybe that was just me.

  • This was probably my favourite cartoon as a kid, and I was ridiculously excited when I saw this article.

    I've just seen the trailer and the voices are all wrong (I know the original people are dead, but they managed to get the Muppet voices pretty close) and I hate the animation; it is neither one thing or the other.

  • Of course, Top Cat in itself based its voices on those of The Phil Silvers Show actors, so you'd think impressions would be the name of the game.